Highly Accelerated MRI Measurement Sequences and Image Reconstruction Techniques

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Institute of Nuclear Techniques
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MRI is today's most advancing clinical imaging technique moreover the lack of ionizing radiation at operation and the achievable high spatial resolution renders the MRI scanner a fundamental tool for brain research.  Data acquisition time may be considered a drawback of the method: regular clinical diagnostic images and the generation of quantitative maps may take about 10 minutes to take compared to  e.g. a CT scanner with a few tens of seconds of measuring time.  Also functional MRI scans may have time resolution in the order of seconds while an Electrocardiograph would have a sample rate of 1000 samples /second. To doctor these issues parallel and accelerated imaging techniques appeared and started spreading in the MRI technology, where image reconstruction becomes feasible using only a fraction of the normally acquired data.  The most promising techniques may improve time resolution by magnitudes using the redundancy of the acquisition (parallel imaging), the properties of the reconstructed image (compressed sensing) or the different behaviour of tissue types regarding pulse sequences (fingerprinting).

At the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Brain Imaging Centre a 3T MRI scanner optimized for research has been installed in 2015 and ongoing research activity is pursued regarding accelerated imaging in cooperation with the scanner vendor Siemens Healthcare and with other recognized international centres of the field. The PhD candidate joins the method development regarding especially the acceleration of quantitative mapping and the improvement of signal to noise ratio of the resulting images both at acquisition stage and at the image reconstruction phase. The existing research agreement with the vendor allows for modifying the measurement sequences rather than for  just the modification of image reconstruction 


experiences in MRI sequence development, high level medical imaging knowledge and skills

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