Properties of the high density strongly interacting matter: simulations for the CBM detector

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Doctoral School of Physical Sciences
Wolf György
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Wigner RCP/Theory Department
Head of the Theoretical Physics Department, Scientific advisor
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Doctor of the Academy
Komor Márton
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Institute of Physics
Research associate professor
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The main aim of the forthcoming CBM FAIR detector is the study of high density low temperature strongly interacting matter, the properties of neutron star matter. For building and proper adjustment of the CBM detector, and also for the determination of its experimental program it is mandatory to perform a computer simulation of the detector system. It is necessary to compute the response of the detector for specific events, and compute the dependence of the corresponding signal on adjustments of the detector. For the advance planning of the experimental program it is also necessary to determine the observability of specific classes of events.

During the PhD the candidate will participate in the development of the detector simulation program of CBM, and also in the running of the simulations. The work is performed as a member of the CBM collaboration, and according to specifications in an agreement with the CBM. The candidate will also participate in the development of a transport code for describing the physics observed with the CBM. It is expected that the transport calculations will concentrate on the same physical problems as the detector simulations.

Participating in the detector simulation can be started even before the official starting, and in case of satisfactory work, substantial extra financial support is available.

After obtaining the PhD degree, it is expected that the work can be continued as a postdoctoral fellow at our institute, concentrating on the analysis of the CBM data.


Knowledge of the computing languages C++ and ROOT, or at least a willingness to learn them.

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Wigner RCP
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1121 Konkoly-Thege 29-33