Information for students from Ukrainian higher education institutions

Budapest University of Technology and Economics - taking into consideration its educational capacities and course offerings - gives the opportunity to students fleeing from Ukraine to join the educational program of the University.

►You can register by filling out the form accessible at the below link:

►or in person:
in the Main Hall of Building "R" of the University:
1111 Budapest Műegyetem rakpart 7-9.
Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m.-15:30 p.m.; Friday 8:00 a.m.-14:30 p.m.

Please read carefully the below information about the application:

  *   You can conduct your studies in the form of a guest student.
  *   The last day of the guest student status is August 31, 2022; taking final exams is not possible as a guest student, and no certificate (qualification) can be obtained.
  *   The application is a two-step process:
     *   During the pre-screening, we check if there is an educational program at the BME that is equivalent to the studies the student conducted in Ukraine; and whether the relevant program is offered in a language the student is capable to conduct his/her studies.
     *   The final decision about applications meeting the requirements of Point 1. is made at the relevant Faculty.
  *   Guest students can study free of charge, dormitory accommodation is not provided though automatically with a successful application. The provision of dormitory accommodation to guest students fleeing from Ukraine is limited to the free capacities of dormitories, and the application has to be made through a different procedure.

With questions regarding accommodation, boarding, education etc., please visit our Information Point in the Main Hall of Building "E" (on workdays between 8:00 a.m. -17:00 p.m.), or contact our volunteers for assistance at the following phone number: +36 30 1865559.