Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipuscsökkenő sorrend
2021.05.17. 12:15 Ed Barnes (Virginia Tech) Dynamically corrected gates from geometric space curves Szeminárium
2022.04.05. 16:00 Casian Pantea (West Virginia Univ.) Graphical sufficient conditions on multistationarity of open mass-action networks Szeminárium
2021.03.11. 06:30 Zoltán Zimborás (Wigner/BME) Fermion Sampling: merging the strengths of Random Circuit Sampling and Boson Sampling Szeminárium
2019.10.25. 08:15 Péter Balla (Wigner) Spin Spiral Surfaces in Heisenberg Magnets: Explicit constructions of models with ground state degeneracy Szeminárium
2022.10.07. 08:15 Zoltán György (ELTE) Electrically driven spin resonance with bichromatic driving Szeminárium
2023.03.14. 17:15 Chuang Xu (Hawaii) Structural classification of continuous-time Markov chains with applications Szeminárium
2021.01.18. 13:15 Ádám Bácsi (Győr) Dissipation-Induced Luttinger Liquid Correlations in a One-Dimensional Fermi Gas Szeminárium
2022.11.01. 17:15 M. A. Al-Radhawi (Northeastern University, Boston, MA) A computational framework for a Lyapunov-enabled analysis of biochemical reaction networks Szeminárium
2023.09.29. 08:15 Aritra Sen (BME) Classification and magic magnetic-field directions for spin-orbit-coupled double quantum dots Szeminárium
2022.05.31. 16:00 Daniele Cappelletti (Politecnico di Torino) Stochastic reaction networks in stochastic environment Szeminárium