Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipusnövekvő sorrend
2016.04.05. 12:15 Peter Dombi (Wigner Research Center) Ultrafast nanooptics and its applications
2018.05.31. 16:15 Tyler Helmuth (Bristol) The continuous-time lace expansion and its applications
2017.04.27. 10:15 Bálint Fülöp BiTeI exfoliation on stripped gold
2018.03.09. 14:00 Ahmed Abo-Zaid Hammouda El-Banna Multiple interaction strategies, parameter estimation, and clustering in networks
2017.03.17. 09:15 Karlo Penc (Wigner Res. Inst.) Berry phase induced dimerization in one-dimensional quadrupolar systems
2017.10.26. 16:15 Jiri Cerny (Vienna) The maximum of branching random walk in spatially random branching environment
2016.12.08. 16:15 Balázs Gerencsér (Rényi Institute) Consensus and mixing on Small World Networks
2016.04.20. 16:00 Kroó András Bernstein-Markov type inequalities on convex domains with applications to norming sets
2018.09.21. 08:15 Karlo Penc (Wigner Res. Inst.) Topological Magnons in Kitaev Magnets at High Fields
2017.05.10. 16:00 Nagy Béla (BME Matematika Intézet) Block operator matrices and spectral decompositions