Development of laser microscope using acousto-optic scanning

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Doctoral School of Physical Sciences
Maák Pál
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Department of Atomic Physics, Institute of Physics
associate professor
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There is a long term cooperation between the Department of Atomic Physics at BME, the Research Institute of Experimental Medicine (KOKI) and Femtonics Ltd for development and fabrication of scanning microscopes using ultrashort pulsed lasers as excitation sources. The most advanced microscopes use acousto-optic scanning to steer the excitation beam in a true 3D sample space. During the design and fabrication of these scanners high accent is on the know-how available in the Department in the domain of acousto-optic technology, acousto-optic scanning optical design and handling of ultrashort laser pulses. Besides development of new acousto-optic deflector and scanner configurations there is also design of the optical systems of various type scanning microscopes. The new microscopes and scanning techniques are worldwide unique and facilitate the creation of scientific papers with high impact.

The PhD aspirant participates in the concept formation and design of the optical system of new microscope models, where includes new acousto-optic modeling results, which optimize the inner design and arrangement of acousto-optic deflectors to obtain better performance in operation. besides modeling and design the acousto-optic deflectors are also fabricated and experimentally evaluated with the participation of the student. The technology and experimental background necessary for this experimental work is mostly available at the Department and Femtonics Ltd, some experiments need however the work in foreign laboratories using their experimental or microscope setups. These foreign partners are usually world leader laboratories in biotechnology or optical development.

The research of the PhD aspirant contains both theoretical and experimental tasks, the accent can be however put on any of these according to student’s preferences. We expect that the results can be easily published and steps of the technology development can be patented internationally.



Interest for the problems in optics and particularly acousto-optics, creativity to solve these. There is a need for deep knowledge in optics, experimental skills in this domain. Knowledge in the generation and manipulation of ultrashort laser pulses is an advantage. Experience in electronics or mechanical design is also highly appreciated. We expect physicists or engineers (electrical or mechanical) with a completed MSc degree. Good English is a must. 

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Department of Atomic Physics, Institute of Physics, BME
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BME, 1111 Budapest, Budafoki 8