Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipuscsökkenő sorrend
2017.03.31. 08:15 Mircea Trif (Tsinghua Univ.) Dynamical Shiba states and bands in s-wave superconductors
2018.12.07. 09:15 Levente Rózsa (U. Hamburg) Spin waves and damping in noncollinear spin systems
2016.09.13. 10:30 Ivanics Péter Irreguláris Higgs nyalábok modulustereinek geometriája 3.
2017.11.15. 13:15 Attila Geresdi (TU Delft) On-chip microwave spectroscopy: The toolset to identify topological superconductivity
2018.10.11. 10:15 Kovács Róbert (BME, Department of Energy Engineering) Analytical and numerical solutions of dissipative systems
2016.04.08. 08:15 Katalin Kamarás (Wigner. Res. Inst.) Cloaking of Encapsulated Molecules in Carbon Nanotubes at Infrared Frequencies
2018.05.04. 08:15 Barna Imre Ferenc (Wigner Res. Cent.) Electron scattering and conduction in doped semiconductors in simultaneous strong infrared radiation field
2015.11.03. 13:15 Pawan Srivastava Liquid Phase Exfoliation of Graphene: An Investigation on Effect of Dielectric Environment on Carrier Mobility and Doping
2017.04.18. 10:30 Béla Szilvia-Nagyné Szilvási Márta B-spline felület paraméterezésének hatása a Gauss-görbületre
2019.01.31. 16:15 Bálint Virág (Toronto) The Directed Landscape