Erasmus ösztöndíjjal a BME TTK-n

Nyomtatóbarát változatNyomtatóbarát változat

Question (Ferenc Simon, TTK): Please tell us a few words about yourself, where are you from, in which academic year are you in and which is your study programme?

Answer: I am Thomas Pinel, I am 21 years old and I come from France. I currently study in Caen (France) at ENSICAEN which is a engineering school (National Graduate School of Engineering and Research Center). In my school, I mostly study electronics, sensors and LASER technology.

Q: Why did you decide to come to Hungary and to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in particular?

A: I chose to come to the BME because I wanted to come to Budapest in particular. I wanted to discover Eastern Europe and among the Eastern European cities Budapest, looked like the best city to live in as a foreigner. And finally the profile of BME fitted in my study interest.

Q: What did you study at the BME?

A: At BME I was studying subject about laser and semiconductors.

Q: How did you find the Hungarian study programmes in comparison with that of your home country?

A: I did not follow a study program at BME but I was working in a laboratory so I cannot tell If there are any diferences

Q: How do you think that this Erasmus stay helps you with your future carrier?

A: This Erasmus stay helped me especially in my confidence:  for my future experiences, I know that I will be able to go to any other country that speaks English without any problem

Q: Did you manage to be involved socially with the local students?

A: Yes especially during the first months (before the summer vacations)

Q: Did the Erasmus programme fulfill your expectations?

A: Yes I even did not expect that I would appreciate that much my stay!

Q: Do you have any message for a prospective foreign student, who considers to enroll in the Erasmus program for the BME?

A: Do not hesitate to enroll in an Erasmus program! This is the perfect opportunity to discover a new country and a new culture before getting a job, which will take most of your time.


Me with some friends in Budapest


Me and my sister who came to visit Budapest


 Me through a wafer of silicon at the lab