Időpont Előadócsökkenő sorrend Cím esemeny_tipus
2021.12.13. 14:00 Fatma Abdelkhalek (BME MI) Graphical models and structural equation modeling - PhD public defence Szeminárium
2021.04.07. 09:00 Fatma Abdelkhalek (BME MI) Graphical Models and Structural Equation Modeling Szeminárium
2021.12.03. 09:15 Ferenc Iglói (Wigner) Complex physical systems and the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 Szeminárium
2017.02.16. 08:15 Ferenc Simon High-frequency measurement techniques in solid-state research
2016.04.19. 11:15 Ferenc Simon Radiofrequency and microwave resonators
2021.02.12. 09:15 Ferenc Simon (BME) Triplet exciton states in carbon nanotubes: a possible candidate for telecomm compatible qubits Szeminárium
2023.06.02. 08:15 Ferenc Simon (BME) Graphite: the mother of all semimetals or the father of spintronics? Szeminárium
2018.10.19. 12:00 Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba Gate-based spin readout
2022.05.31. 12:15 Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba (Quantum Motion) Silicon-based quantum computing: Scaling strategies Szeminárium
2022.04.19. 12:15 Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba (Quantum Motion) Cancelled: Silicon-based quantum computing: Scaling strategies Szeminárium