Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipuscsökkenő sorrend
2016.04.27. 13:39 xx xx
2018.03.29. 16:15 Tyler Helmuth (University of Bristol) Recurrence of the vertex-reinforced jump process in two dimensions
2016.02.04. 14:15 Sághy Enikő és Varga Anita Témalabor beszámoló
2016.10.20. 10:15 Ladics Tamás Error analysis of waveform relaxation method for reaction-diffusion equations
2018.03.23. 09:15 Péter Vancsó (Energy Res. Inst. HAS) Novel spintronic device concept based on the magnetic edge state in graphene nanoribbons
2017.03.31. 08:15 Mircea Trif (Tsinghua Univ.) Dynamical Shiba states and bands in s-wave superconductors
2017.11.15. 13:15 Attila Geresdi (TU Delft) On-chip microwave spectroscopy: The toolset to identify topological superconductivity
2016.02.02. 09:30 Balázs Sipos From vortices to skyrmions. The latest advancements and applications in low temperature scanning probe microscopy
2018.10.05. 08:15 Matteo Giordano (ELTE Dept. Theor. Phys.) Landau levels in lattice QCD in an external magnetic field
2016.06.30. 14:15 Papp Dávid (North Carolina State University) BME