Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipusnövekvő sorrend
2017.04.20. 07:15 Róbert Gyurcsányi Nanoscale biosensors
2018.05.18. 08:15 Alexandra Nagy (EPFL) Numerical approaches to the master equation of open quantum systems
2016.10.07. 12:15 Bálint Fülöp Supercurrent with quantum Hall effect in graphene
2017.10.27. 08:15 Szabolcs Csonka (BME Dept. Phys.) Topologically protected ground state degeneracies in a two-spin system
2016.02.16. 12:00 András Pályi Fast relaxation processes of donor-based spin qubits in silicon
2017.05.25. 14:15 Philipp Hungerlaender és Franz Rendl Active set methods and the semismooth Newton method for convex quadratic programming
2018.09.19. 16:00 Vrana Péter, BME Matematika Intézet Haagerup L^p spaces
2016.10.28. 08:15 László Udvardi (BUTE Dept. Theor. Phys.) Anisotropy in magnetic thin films--from ab-initio calculation to model systems
2018.03.09. 09:15 Gábor Vattay (ELTE Dept. Complex. Sys.) Life at the edge of quantum chaos
2016.04.01. 08:15 Viktor Ivády (Linköping and Wigner) Optical dynamic nuclear spin polarization through solid-state quantum bit processing