Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipuscsökkenő sorrend
2015.10.30. 09:15 András Deák Magnetism of Gadolinium: A First-Principles Perspective
2016.11.02. 16:00 Mosonyi Milán Kvantum játékok és a Connes beágyazási sejtés
2017.10.27. 08:15 Szabolcs Csonka (BME Dept. Phys.) Topologically protected ground state degeneracies in a two-spin system
2017.04.20. 07:15 Róbert Gyurcsányi Nanoscale biosensors
2016.04.12. 08:00 Martin Gmitra (Regensburg) Spin-orbit coupling in graphene, few-layer graphene structures, graphite and role of functionalization
2018.09.14. 08:15 Balázs Dóra (BUTE Dept. Theor. Phys.) Out-of-time-ordered correlators in Luttinger liquids
2018.03.09. 09:15 Gábor Vattay (ELTE Dept. Complex. Sys.) Life at the edge of quantum chaos
2016.10.06. 16:15 Bálint Péter Convergence of moments in dispersing billiards with cusps
2017.03.17. 09:15 Karlo Penc (Wigner Res. Inst.) Berry phase induced dimerization in one-dimensional quadrupolar systems
2016.03.11. 09:15 Gábor Takács (BUTE Dept. Theor. Phys.) Particle Formation and Ordering in Strongly Correlated Fermionic Systems: Solving a Model of Quantum Chromodynamics