Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipusnövekvő sorrend
2023.11.03. 09:15 Zoltán Udvarnoki (ELTE) Monte Carlo option pricing on quantum computers: is a quantum advantage achievable? Szeminárium
2021.05.06. 16:00 Michael Freitas Gustavo (Center of Molecular Modeling, Ghent University) Reparameterization of Computational Chemistry Force Fields Using Globally Managed Parallel Optimization Szeminárium
2022.05.31. 16:00 Daniele Cappelletti (Politecnico di Torino) Stochastic reaction networks in stochastic environment Szeminárium
2020.06.08. 07:00 Peter Rickhaus (ETHZ) Density wave states in twisted double-bilayer graphene Szeminárium
2021.12.03. 09:15 Ferenc Iglói (Wigner) Complex physical systems and the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 Szeminárium
2022.11.29. 17:15 Polly Yu (NSF-Simons Center for Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Biology, Harvard University) Weakly reversible and deficiency zero realizations: Structural characterization and uniqueness Szeminárium
2023.05.26. 08:15 Balázs Hetényi (BME) Extending the geometric phase formalism to cycles with isolated degeneracy points and how to implement finite size scaling in the modern polarization theory Szeminárium
2021.03.01. 13:15 Alessandro Romito (Lancaster) Entanglement transition from continuous quantum measurements Szeminárium
2021.01.11. 13:30 Alfredo Levy-Yeyati (Madrid) Revealing the fine structure of Andreev level in nanowire Josephson junctions Szeminárium
2022.05.03. 16:00 Polly Yu (Harvard) Complex-balanced systems in disguise Szeminárium