Időpont Előadócsökkenő sorrend Cím esemeny_tipus
2018.05.11. 08:15 Péter Domokos (Wigner Res. Centre) Observation of the Photon-Blockade Breakdown Phase Transition
2017.04.06. 07:15 Péter Földesy The recent day technology of integrated circuits
2016.05.24. 12:15 Peter Kun Untapped potential in AFM lithography of graphene and transition towards other 2D materials
2015.10.02. 08:15 Péter Lévay Coupled Cluster Method and Entanglement
2021.04.16. 08:15 Péter Lévay (BME) A toy model of emergent spacetime and the associahedron Szeminárium
2016.04.06. 11:00 Peter Makk (Uni. Basel) Spin pumping into graphene
2017.11.02. 16:15 Peter Nejjar (IST Austria) Shock Fluctuations in TASEP
2021.05.10. 07:15 Péter Nemes-Incze (Wigner-MFA) Competing correlated order in the surface state of multilayer rhombohedral graphite Szeminárium
2016.02.19. 09:15 Péter Rakyta Study of ballistic quantum antidots and dots situated in magnetic field
2022.02.18. 09:15 Péter Rakyta (ELTE) Approximate quantum gate synthesis Szeminárium