Időpont Előadócsökkenő sorrend Cím esemeny_tipus
2022.04.05. 16:00 Casian Pantea (West Virginia Univ.) Graphical sufficient conditions on multistationarity of open mass-action networks Szeminárium
2022.11.08. 17:15 Casian Pantea (West Virginia University) Multistationarity of mass action networks with one-dimensional stoichiometric subspace Szeminárium
2022.09.27. 12:30 Charles M. Marcus (Copenhagen) THE MATTER OF QUANTUM INFORMATION Szilárd Leó Kollokvium
2020.02.13. 09:15 Christian Jünger (Univ. of Basel) Transport spectroscopy of semiconductor-superconductor nanowire hybrid devices Szeminárium
2020.12.07. 13:15 Christian Roos (Innsbruck) Quantum simulation with strings of trapped ions Szeminárium
2018.03.23. 13:00 Christoph Bandt (Greifswald University) Establishing and maintaining datbases of self-affine tiles
2021.11.15. 09:15 Christoph Strunk (Uni. Regensburg) Dc-current stimulated superfluid density in strongly disordered two-dimensional superconductors Szeminárium
2023.03.14. 17:15 Chuang Xu (Hawaii) Structural classification of continuous-time Markov chains with applications Szeminárium
2017.11.06. 14:45 Clevin Handschin (Basel) From snake states to Aharonov Bohm interferences in graphene p-n junctions
2022.11.07. 09:15 Csaba György (Pázmány) Spin-wave-based computing for future electronics Szeminárium