Időpont Előadó Címnövekvő sorrend esemeny_tipus
2017.11.06. 14:45 Clevin Handschin (Basel) From snake states to Aharonov Bohm interferences in graphene p-n junctions
2017.04.13. 09:15 János Pető Formation of two-dimensional MoS2xOx solid solutions through ambient oxidation
2023.09.26. 17:15 Mirco Tribastone Formal Lumping of Polynomial Differential Equations through Approximate Equivalences Szeminárium
2021.09.28. 10:30 Kalmár Boldizsár Fold maps on low dimensional manifolds Szeminárium
16:00 - 18:00
Fizikus Mikulás Kari esemény
2018.02.16. 09:15 Krisztián Palotás (Bratisava / SZTE) First-principles-based simulation of scanning tunneling microscopy: From magnetic surfaces to molecular structures
2016.03.18. 09:15 Balázs Újfalussy (Wigner Res. Inst.) First-principles theory of superconducting heterostructures
2021.03.26. 09:15 Bendegúz Nyári (BME) First principles based theory of magnetic impurities embedded onto the surface of superconducting host, an application to MnNb(110) Szeminárium
2023.03.24. 09:15 Arthur Hutsalyuk (ELTE) Finite temperature spin diffusion in the Hubbard model in the strong coupling limit Szeminárium
2017.10.05. 16:15 Hermann Thorisson (University of Iceland) Finding patterns in Brownian motion