Modelling of spreading phenomena on social networks

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Doctoral School of Physical Sciences
Török János
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Elméleti Fizika Tanszék
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Complex networks are considered by many as a new interdisciplinary science though still most researchers in this field come from physics or computer science. Complex networks gives us tools to study various phenomena in different sciences using tools from stochastic processes and statistical physics. The aim of this research work is to model social networks and spreading phenomena on them. In the last decade there has been a lot of advance in the understanding of disease spreading in the human population by the means of travel and traffic. Our aim with this research would be to focus on the local social aspects of this phenomenon. Transmission of disease through traffic seems inevitable but the main contribution to the spread of the epidemics is local social interaction. The goal is to develop a model based on available and later acquired data which is able to describe general human social interactions and predict disease spreading due to it.


Very good programming skills, experience in probability theory or statistical physics