Geometry in condensed-matter physics and quantum information

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Fizikai Tudományok Doktori Iskola
András Pályi
Department of Theoretical Physics
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associate professor
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Concepts and relations of geometry, topology, and singularity theory appear frequently in condensed-matter and quantum-information settings. A striking example is the Quantum Hall Effect, which provides a robust Hall conductance serving as a metrological standard, and whose origin can be traced back to topology. Another example is topological quantum computing, promising robust, noise-resilient quantum computers. In this PhD research, the candidate will do theoretical and computational research on related physics problems, attempting to solve those with the tools of geometry, topology, and singularity theory.
Physics keywords: condensed-matter physics, electron/phonon/magnon band structure, interacting spin systems, topological order, quantum computing, quantum error correction. Maths keywords: algebraic geometry, differential geometry, singularity theory, Lie groups, fibre bundles and characteristic classes, matrix varieties, real and complex singularities.
We invite applicants with a master’s degree in physics, mathematics, or computer science. Strong background in at least one of these areas is required: condensed-matter physics, quantum information, geometry, topology, singularity theory. Good analytical and numerical problem-solving skills are expected, as well as a motivation to learn new research methods. Good English is also a requirement.
Project type: 
PhD project for standard admission