Időpont Előadócsökkenő sorrend Cím esemeny_tipus
2017.02.24. 09:15 Zoltán Bajnok (Wigner Res. Inst.) Integrability and the holographic duality
2018.11.09. 09:15 Zoltán Erdélyi (U. Debrecen) Bimetallic and porous metal/metal oxide hybrid nanoparticles
2023.03.31. 08:15 Zoltán Guba (BME) Weyl points in ball-and-spring mechanical systems Szeminárium
2022.10.07. 08:15 Zoltán György (ELTE) Electrically driven spin resonance with bichromatic driving Szeminárium
2016.12.16. 12:15 Zoltán Kovács-Krausz Proximity effects in graphene
2017.05.11. 09:15 Zoltán Kovács-Krausz Influence of proximity on the weak localization effect in graphene heterostructures
2020.03.02. 13:00 Zoltán Oktvátovity (BME) Out-of-time-ordered commutators in Dirac--Weyl systems Szeminárium
2021.05.07. 08:15 Zoltán Okvátovity (BME) Time dependent electric transport in nodal loop semimetals Szeminárium
2016.12.06. 13:15 Zoltán Okvátovity (BUTE Dept. Theor. Phys.) Anomalous hyperfine coupling and nuclear magnetic relaxation in Weyl semimetals
2015.10.20. 12:15 Zoltán Scherübl Recent results on interaction of quantum dot systems with resonators