Időpont Előadónövekvő sorrend Cím esemeny_tipus
2024.04.26. 08:15 Péter Lévay (BME) Emergent spacetime and segmented strings. Entanglement is not enough? Szeminárium
2015.10.02. 08:15 Péter Lévay Coupled Cluster Method and Entanglement
2022.05.24. 12:15 Péter Kutas (ELTE) Post-quantum cryptography Szeminárium
2016.05.24. 12:15 Peter Kun Untapped potential in AFM lithography of graphene and transition towards other 2D materials
2022.10.21. 08:15 Péter Ispánovity (ELTE) Experimental and numerical investigation of dislocation avalanches Szeminárium
2017.04.06. 07:15 Péter Földesy The recent day technology of integrated circuits
2018.05.11. 08:15 Péter Domokos (Wigner Res. Centre) Observation of the Photon-Blockade Breakdown Phase Transition
2016.04.05. 12:15 Peter Dombi (Wigner Research Center) Ultrafast nanooptics and its applications
2019.10.25. 08:15 Péter Balla (Wigner) Spin Spiral Surfaces in Heisenberg Magnets: Explicit constructions of models with ground state degeneracy Szeminárium
2022.04.11. 08:00 Pertti Hakonen (Aalto) 1/f NOISE IN SUSPENDED GRAPHENE: surface diffusion, impurity clustering, and mobility fluctuations Szeminárium