Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipusnövekvő sorrend
2017.10.20. 08:15 Antal Jakovác (ELTE Dept. Atomic Phys.) Quantum Measurement Theory: a Functional Renormalization Group perspective
2019.01.16. 14:15 Krzysztof Domino Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, PAS, Gliwice The use of copulas to model non-Gaussian distributed multivariate data
2016.11.11. 13:15 Sándor Imre Quantum mechanics in the eye of a communication and IT engineer
08:15 - 16:00
TDK konferencia - 2018
2015.12.02. 16:00 Farkas Lóránt ASZINKRON HIBAEXPONENS II.
2017.03.21. 10:30 Molnár Emil Maximális homogén 3-dimenziós geometriák
2017.11.06. 14:45 Clevin Handschin (Basel) From snake states to Aharonov Bohm interferences in graphene p-n junctions
2016.09.23. 08:15 Mihály Weiner (BUTE Dept. Math. Analysis) How does a charged particle move in an external electromagnetic field?
2018.09.25. 10:00 Halmschlager Andrea Oktatásunk II
2016.05.18. 16:00 Tasnádi Tamás Classical and quantum design theory