Időpont Előadó Cím esemeny_tipusnövekvő sorrend
2017.10.20. 08:15 Antal Jakovác (ELTE Dept. Atomic Phys.) Quantum Measurement Theory: a Functional Renormalization Group perspective
2018.12.13. 16:15 Aran Raoufi (ETH Zürich) Existence of phase transition for percolation using the Gaussian Free Field
2016.04.08. 08:15 Katalin Kamarás (Wigner. Res. Inst.) Cloaking of Encapsulated Molecules in Carbon Nanotubes at Infrared Frequencies
2016.10.20. 16:15 Daniel Valesin (University of Groningen) Spatial Gibbs random graphs
2017.04.12. 16:00 Virosztek Dániel (BME Matematika Intézet) Multivariate trace inequalities
2018.06.07. 16:15 Botond Szabó (Leiden) On the fundamental understanding of divide-and-conquer methods
2018.02.28. 14:00 Farkas Máté (Gdansk) Self-testing mutually unbiased bases in the prepare-and-measure scenario
2016.12.09. 09:15 Szilvia Pothoczki (Wigner Res. Inst.) Orientational correlations in molecular liquids containing tetrahedral molecules
2016.03.04. 09:15 Endre Tóvári (BUTE Dept. of Physics) Edge states and quantum dots in suspended graphene
2018.11.13. 12:15 Karsai János The impact of vaccination on the spread of varicella in Hungary