Időpont Előadó Címcsökkenő sorrend esemeny_tipus
2021.09.17. 08:15 András Grabarits (BME) Classical Theory of Universal Quantum Work Distribution in Chaotic Fermi Liquids Szeminárium
2023.09.29. 08:15 Aritra Sen (BME) Classification and magic magnetic-field directions for spin-orbit-coupled double quantum dots Szeminárium
2023.12.01. 09:15 Tim Mathies (Hamburg) Classification of complex 2D magnetic ground states using unsupervised contrastive learning Szeminárium
2016.04.08. 08:15 Katalin Kamarás (Wigner. Res. Inst.) Cloaking of Encapsulated Molecules in Carbon Nanotubes at Infrared Frequencies
2021.12.07. 13:15 Jan Krzywda (Warsaw) Coherent electron shuttling as an adiabatic transition in the open quantum system Szeminárium
2023.03.10. 09:15 János Asbóth (BME/Wigner) Coherent errors and readout errors in surface code Szeminárium
2021.02.01. 13:15 András Dombi (Wigner) Collective self-trapping of atoms in a cavity Szeminárium
2021.05.10. 07:15 Péter Nemes-Incze (Wigner-MFA) Competing correlated order in the surface state of multilayer rhombohedral graphite Szeminárium
2019.11.22. 09:15 Zoltán Tajkov (ELTE) Competition of trivial and topological phases in graphene based hybrid systems Szeminárium
2021.12.03. 09:15 Ferenc Iglói (Wigner) Complex physical systems and the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 Szeminárium