Időpont Előadócsökkenő sorrend Cím esemeny_tipus
2016.09.29. 16:15 Ahmed ElBanna Multiple interaction strategies, parameter estimation, and clustering in networks (PhD home defence)
2017.01.05. 16:15 Alan Hammond (UC Berkeley) Self-avoiding polygons and walks: counting, joining and closing
2022.05.17. 12:30 Alberto Morpurgo (Geneva) 2D magnetic materials Szeminárium
2021.03.01. 13:15 Alessandro Romito (Lancaster) Entanglement transition from continuous quantum measurements Szeminárium
2017.11.23. 16:15 Alexander Drewitz (Köln) Sign clusters of the Gaussian free field percolate on Z^d, d>=3
2018.05.18. 08:15 Alexandra Nagy (EPFL) Numerical approaches to the master equation of open quantum systems
2021.01.11. 13:30 Alfredo Levy-Yeyati (Madrid) Revealing the fine structure of Andreev level in nanowire Josephson junctions Szeminárium
2016.11.15. 10:30 Ambrus Gergely A véletlen határalakzatok filozófiája
2020.11.02. 13:15 Ananda Roy The quantum sine-Gordon model with quantum circuits Szeminárium
2016.11.09. 16:00 Andai Attila, Lovas Attila Is the world more classical or more quantum?